Earth Champions

An intensive 6-month project-based training program in which one Marshallese “Earth Champion” aged 18-25 is selected from one of the villages on island.

Our current ongoing program is the Earth Champion program. An Earth Champion is a youth aged 18-25 selected from each village on the main atoll of Majuro. This Champion represents his or her village and assists in raising awareness on waste management, environmental solutions, and climate change. Each youth not only assists with door-to-door campaigning, and in facilitating community meetings, but they also design and develop individual projects tailored to the needs of their community. They also learn practical skills such as grant writing and project management, which they then apply to their project. Each Champions are allowed to apply for up to $4,000 for their project, through an approved grant process, which they then manage and report on to their community following the completion of their project.

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