About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission is to support the next generation of Marshallese to navigate and develop solutions to environmental issues impacting their islands such as pollution, climate change, and nuclear legacies.

Our Vision:

A wave of empowered Marshallese youth who rise to meet the challenges of a climate threatened future as leaders, change makers, and creators.

Our Motto: 

"L̗iok tūt bok"

"Liok tūt bok" is a Marshallese proverb. From the collection "Jabōnkōnaan in M̗ajel̗ complied by Stone, Kowata and Joash: "Pandanus roots grab deep through sand to hold firmly...The understanding is that once the roots are penetrated deeply into the coral, they will remain for an indefinite time. Traditionally, this term signifies strong footings of a beginning."

We believe that like the roots of the pandanus tree the next generation of Marshallese must also be rooted in the land.

Your donations supports our cause. Please consider donating to either our Jo-Jikum Organization Fund or our Climate Disaster Relief Fund

Our Jo-Jikum Organization Fund will support our Marshallese youth centered programs. 

Our Climate Disaster Relief Fund goes towards families that have been affected by climate disasters in the Marshall Islands. 

Background: Our Islands and Our Work

The Marshall Islands is an independent atoll nation located in the northern region of Oceania known as Micronesia. Marshallese people have been stewards of our land for thousands of years, surviving waves of colonialism, a legacy of US nuclear testing programs, and now facing the impending threat of climate change. We founded Jo-Jikum as a way to empower our youth to tackle the environmental issues we've inherited. Our organization's main focus are our core programs: the Earth Champions Program, Climate Change Arts Camp, and the Climate Storyteller's Program. Besides these, our organization provides community wide workshops on topics that range from international meetings on climate change to waste management best practices, as well as curating online social media campaigns to support Marshallese based issues. We also extend our support to outside researchers, academics, and artists interested in learning more about our islands and our community.
Youth Programs and Community Workshops
Online and Community Campaigns
Research Support


We focus on curating programs that encourage leadership, environmental knowledges, and arts, media, and project management skills. Our three core programs are (from left to right) Earth Champions Program, Climate Change Arts Camp, and the Climate Change Storyteller's Program. Click on the photographs below to link to either videos of our programs or the Programs main site. For details of our Programs, click on "Our Programs" page in the menu at the top.

Our Jo-Jikum Team

Meet our team members.
Jina David
Jina David

Program Manager

Jina is a local Councilman from Jeirok village. He comes to Jo-Jikum with an extensive background of community engagement on topics such as water quality safety and treatment with the local Majuro community as well as with outerislander communities on behalf of the College of the Marshall Islands Land Grant Program. He organizes and runs Jo-Jikum programs and daily operations in Majuro, Marshall Islands.

    Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner
    Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner

    Co-Founder and Director

    Kathy is a internationally acclaimed poet and educator who helped co-found Jo-Jikum alongside her cousins. She is known for her poetic performance at the United Nations Climate Summit in 2014. She continues her practice of creating performances, speaking, and facilitating workshops on writing and climate change while overseeing Jo-Jikum from her US Portland, Oregon base.

    Meitaka Kendall
    Meitaka Kendall


    Meitaka is an instructor and the Business Studies Department Chair at the College of the Marshall Islands. She is also a student enrolled in a PhD Program for Creative Leadership for Innovation and Change with the University of U.S. Virgin Islands. She assists Jo-Jikum with funds management in Majuro, Marshall Islands.

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